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Vernon Hartman brings over thirty years of experience to your project. His in-depth knowledge of all artistic, technical, financial, organizational and administrative aspects of opera production is your most indispensable resource.

  • Leading Baritone, Metropolitan Opera, New York. Performed over two-dozen roles in a career spanning two decades. Privileged to have sung with virtually every major operatic figure of the past forty years, and to have collaborated with many renowned conductors and directors.
  • Comprehensive skills acquired over nearly two decades of assisting or supervising  all levels of arts organizations, elevating them to substantially higher artistic levels while achieving income-to-cost ratios that are rare in the arts industry.
  • Business experience encompassing management, sales, public and community relations.
  • Proficiency in German, Italian, French, Spanish
  • Intimate knowledge of opera company structure from the old-time “spaghetti circuit” to the highest international level.
  • Professional musician for the past forty years. Performed with many luminaries as a drummer, bassist and keyboard player.
  • Impresario Productions helps you reach out to your community with the goal of educating and engaging new audiences.  Hartman’s skills as a professional sports broadcaster, public speaker, educator, and  performer as well as historian, athlete, traveler, linguist and serious “foodie,” make him the almost perfect weapon in any outreach situation to combat artistic apathy.

Download a complete bio in PDF. <download here>




Vernon Hartman

“The hardest working man in opera!"

- Scott Flaherty, Tenor, Acting Teacher

“There must be five Vernon Hartmans... He’s Everywhere!”

- Ronald Naldi, Tenor, Metropolitan Opera