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Engage your students in a world-class professional performing opportunity. Impresario Productions will handle your production details, freeing your creative faculty to serve the students. We provide production support, supertitles, technical staff, stage directors, conductors, “ringers”, and procurement of wigs, make-up, and costumes. We can also supply accomplished professionals for your master class experience, to address performance, business and technical aspects of the industry.

Impresario Productions is passionate about passing on the great operatic traditions and stage techniques.  Whatever the level, student singers benefit from knowing the standards of the professional world.  We have recently collaborated with conservatories, universities and even magnet high schools.


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Whether it is a black box or full production, we bring a world of resources to your students.



"He is an opera aficionado as well as historian.  His wealth of knowledge and expertise in the operatic field is becoming a scarce commodity today."

-John Sikora, Director of Opera, Kent State University

“Vernon (Hartman) is a wonderful teacher, able to isolate what a singer needs to work on most…and get the most results in a short period of time. He…makes his singers feel at ease…As a director he…knows what he wants to achieve…and more importantly, how to get it.”

- Alan Fischer, Conductor, Educator, Tenor

“…He sees the entire process of putting on the opera, as an artistic partner with me, from first piano rehearsal to final performance.”

- Alfred Savia, Conductor

“As a stage director, (Hartman) is inventive and imaginative, creating vividly dramatic presentations. Here, again, his formidable and profound knowledge of every aspect of stage direction, combined with an attractive personality make for agreeably comfortablse collaborations.”

- Anton Coppola, Conductor, Composer, Librettist, Author